How cool is this picture?? Rori and her 3 sons came to Kodiata, Uganda for the dedication ceremony! Great day!

Announcing a new clean water project: Matata Village! Interested to learn more?  

Kodiata has clean water thanks to the generous donations from Will Rehrig and Rori Baron!

This water project supported the drilling of a clean water well in the village of Kodiata outside of Bukedea. To learn more about the need, view this video:

​This well provides clean water for over 200 families and a Community Education Center focusing on teaching effective gardening practices and general awareness on gender based violence.  Our approach focuses offering access to a Community Garden Project and building a sense of community in the surrounding villages while creating a support structure for 1) economic development (through agriculture), 2) functional curriculum & educational resources, 3) support for women and children who are suffering from domestic violence. 

Thanks to Will Rehrig and Rori Baron for their life changing donation!!

UPDATE: August 9, 2016

Stefro has identified the best place to begin drilling the bore hole for Kodiata.  This is also a perfect place to build the community garden where more effective gardening practices will be shared.  Our partners James, Rachel, Silver and Judith shared their vision of how access to clean water can transform their community in the future. They have developed a well maintenance plan that has inspired them to generalize this approach to other areas including health and education.  

The machinery is heading to the village tomorrow.  We are excited to see that huge equipment coming down these rural roads (re: paths).  

UPDATE: August 14, 2016

After some delays due to impassable roads, the drilling team and equipment barreled down the paths to Kodiata and began drilling.  According to the drill team, it usually takes 2 or 3 days to hit water.  Miraculously, water was found in 4 hours! And once the pipes were set and secured with gravel, the water exploded out of the ground!  We have some awesome video that we'll post soon.  Truly amazing!!

Thanks to Will Rehrig and Rori Brawer Baron for making this possible and bringing clean water to over 200 families in the Teso Region of Uganda.

Improving lives of vulnerable children