The Villages of the Matata Swamp need clean water


Interview with Matata community member

Improving the lives of vulnerable children

Women walk miles every day to gather clean water from this swamp. The water is contaminated and causes disabilities, diseases and death.

7 out of 10 people visiting the health clinic have typhoid.

VCAYA has drilled four clean water wells in this region to meet the needs of thousands of people living in this area of the Matata swamp. These 4 wells are strategically positioned to reduce the amount of time to collect water every day which keep women safe & provide time for planting and harvesting and time for girls to go to school. However, more wells are needed. The Ugandan government has identified the villages with the greatest needs. We work with James and Rachel Ojilong Okau, local community leaders, who coordinate the siting of the wells, train the well maintenance committees and ensure that the wells are functioning properly. 

A clean water well cost $6,800. If you, or your organization would like to fund a new well, please contact us!

​Everyone deserves clean water!​​

​Clean water not only reduces disability and death, but it reduces gender based violence, increases the time to tend to agriculture for improved nutrition, increases the time that children can attend school, and increases the time that parents can spend with their children. 

We have successfully drilled 7 bore holes in Uganda.

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