People often ask us if this tribe is in the habit of boiling their water. Some people do try but they cook over open fires which makes it difficult to maintain the heat and once the water is boiled and cools down, sanitary storage is a challenge. So it is not a typical practice.

Chodong Village in Kidongole, a sub-county of Bukedea District, is in need of a clean water well. The water source currently being used is accessed by 7,126 people of which 1,042 are adults.  The staggering number of children without clean water is alarming because it is responsible for increasing disability rates. Robert Aceda is the community leader trying to improve conditions in the area.

Thank you for bringing clean water to these children of Chodong!

Improving the lives of vulnerable children

UDATE: Stefro engineering has agreed to drill the wells and install the pumps for a reduced rate if we can raise the funds to drill two wells. We're thrilled to work with them again because we were so pleased with their work ethic and commitment to providing clean water for healthier lives. 

Women have the responsibility of collecting water every day. This mom is lucky enough to have a bicycle and two healthy children to help her.

It's not unusual for women to walk 3, 4 or even 5 miles to reach the closest bore hole and these tend to dry up in the dry season. During these times women and girls are vulnerable to rape and encountering dangerous animals. So they end up going to the nearest water source which is contaminated to gather their water for the day. 

For more information on our other clean water projects check out our accounts of drilling water in Opucet and Kodiata.  We also fixed wells in 2 schools in Nicaragua with the help of our friends and the Carlow University community.

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Can you imagine if you had to walk for miles each day to get water like this? If you look closely you can see two worms in this water. If the larger one is ingested it will attach to the stomach lining and will live off of the child by sucking her blood and causes death. The smaller red one - you have to look closely it's in the upper right of her palm - is poisonous. If this one is ingested the child becomes ill and dies. ​​

INTERESTING FACT: Newborn children are not given a name until they are around 3 years old. Can you guess why?


Thank you to everyone who made this clean water initiative possible! We were able to drill wells in Chodong and Kanyanga and Oukut. Check out updates to follow our progress.

We've recently learned that drought conditions combined with the refugee crisis from South Sudan is causing concerns of starvation due to dwindling crop production and increase need.

Please help meet this humanitarian need!

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During our visit in August 2016 we drilled a well in Kodiata thanks to the support of Will Rehrig and Rori Barron which is providing over 200 families with clean water! We also met people from 3 different villages who desperately need clean water too. The engineering firm who drilled the well for Kodiata will give us a group rate if we can raise the funds to drill 3 wells in the region when we return in August 2017.

Although our fundraising goal is set for $8,000 for Chodong, if we are able to raise $20,000 we could bring clean water to the three villages of Chodong, Kanyanga and Kakere! This would provide clean water for over 10,000 people!

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