A message from Sister Florence:

Dear Susan, 
How are you? Thank you for the work you are doing and more so in the University. A'm glad to let you know that the girls' dormitories at night are as bright as the noon day sun. We managed to connect Solar energy based on your advice and members of the school Board of Governors and my self too shared the same view with you and preferred solar to electricity. We have created a reading room within the dormitories to help secure the girls at night. The parents, students , teachers and the community are too happy of the donation of light. They say that after many years of their children staying in darkness, at last salvation has come from Susan and her friends. The school bursar is working on the accountability of the funds and we shall forward it to you together with the pictures. Once more thank you so much, pass our love and appreciation to your TEAM as well. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED. GOD BLESS YOUR EFFORT. bye-bye.

Sr Florence.

Thanks to everyone who joined us to improve security for the LWALA Girls’ School.

VCAYA with Carlow University, held a bike ride on October 25, 2015 with over 50 participants!

Dedicated teachers and friendly staff walked us around the school campus proudly showing their efforts to combine academic instruction with functional learning opportunities.  They are growing sesame seeds to make a delicious paste similar to peanut butter and equally nutritious.

The school could educate more girls; however, the girls do not feel safe. The 27 Miles for 27 Girls bike ride generated enough funds to purchase solar lighting for the girls dormitories and to create a reading room for the girls so that they can study in the evenings.

On June 24, 2003, Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army infiltrated the LWALA Girls School in Northern Uganda and abducted 100 girls.  Within 3 days the Ugandan Army had rescued 23 of the girls and over the years many girls have managed to escape.  To date, 27 girls are still missing.  

Improving the lives of vulnerable children

We were invited to visit the LWALA Girls School on July 2, 2015 by Sister Florence who we had met on an earlier visit to Soroti.  Our team of 6 was the largest group of visitors who had ever come to the school.  Sister Florence remarked, “We know that you love us because you came.”  

                                         Teachers & adminstrators at LWALA

LWALA Girls School, UGANDA