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Needed for our NEXT visit in July 2021

            Clinic in OuKut Village

The people of Oukut Village are self-sufficient now that they have a bore hole for access to clean water. Donations to VCAYA funded the well which was completed in the fall of 2017.  During our last visit in 2019, we were impressed with the organization of the well maintenance committee, the community engagement and the desire to improve the lives of children with disabilities. 

We met with mothers of children who need medical intervention to correct some physical deformities and alarming medical conditions. We recommended that they form a parent support group and arrange for a nurse to visit the village once a month. Together with a community nurse and the advise from a pediatrician from Soroti, the group as identify equipment and materials that are needed to establish a clinic where children can be treated when the nurse visits each month. The clinic will also have materials for acute care for emergencies. 

The total cost of the requested items in just under $1,000 USD. Most of the products can be purchased in Uganda and we are working to secure some donations of consumable items that are not readily available there which we will bring in extra suitcases. Donations needed:

  • Consumable bandages
  • Medicines and vitamins - especially pre-natal 
  • Protein powders - for pregnant women
  • Sturdy shoes for small children - such as Timberland boots
  • Prescription lenses - all types including readers
  • Some clothing items - children pants with elastic waist bands
  • Cash donations to purchase items in Uganda 

Clean water For Osunyuk

We have successfully drilled 3 wells in the Matata Swamp area. There is one community, Osunyuk that still needs access to clean water. After drilling 92 meters without success, we have determined that we need another solution for this village. We are looking for ideas for a filtration system that could be run on solar and would provide clean drinking water for the children attending the local school.  

Silver Memorial Inclusive Learning and Education Center 

Check out the completed building of the school 

The Silver Memorial Inclusive Learning and Education center (SMILE) was completed in August 2016! Safety is a concern so our top priorities are to install lightening rods on the roof and cement the classroom floors.  In 2019 we installed cement floors in 2 classrooms. All items below will be purchased in Uganda to support their local economy.

  •  3 Lightening Rods
  •  Cement and gravel for the 3rd classroom
  •  Compensation for teachers - $ 75 per month

Once these are completed the next goal will be to address the challenges of improving the latrine. 

We need to engage an experienced physical therapist to help with positioning and appropriate ambulation training with a walker (several were donated in 2017). If you know of anyone who might be willing to spend a week or so in Uganda next July, please have them contact us. Or if you would like to help them with their travel expenses that will be helpful too. 


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