You can pledge your support for one or more or all of the initiatives of this year's Carlow JAM.  Show your colors by wearing a ribbon representing one of the efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable children in the world.  Donate here or in the Carlow Commons or in AJP on Scholarship Day to support our Carlow Scholars who have designed small changes for big impacts! 

Join us in AJP on Scholarship Day, April 21st to show your support by painting the CARLOW JAM Mural Project with Pittsburgh artist, Kyle Holbrook.

Kyle and Andrea painting the Carlow JAM Mural.  Beautiful!!       5:00 pm....

Use the donate button below to support one, more than one or all of the above initiatives.  Please indicate the initiative that you would like to support in the message box provided in the donation process.  All donations are tax deductible.  Donations of $ 20 or more will receive a receipt via email.  VCAYA is a registered not for profit and registered with a 501 (c)(3) as a fiscal sponsor.  THANK YOU!

Choose to support one or more or all of the following:

First Aid First– first aid kits for children living in the Trash Dump Community of Nicaragua

CU Help Peru – school fees for Juan Pablo in Peru

One Spoonful at a Time – special spoons for physically handicapped children in Uganda

Lens on Uganda – glasses and Braille keyboards for blind/visually impaired in Uganda

End the violence – t-shirts for messaging on gender-based violence

April 11 – 22  University Commons

J ubilee     A cts of     M ercy