Help us reach our goal!

If you are unable to attend and would still like to support our work in Uganda, please use our secure site to contribute. 

Bright Lights and Beaujolais

This fundraising event is being hosted by Sara Gopal and Bill Duff in their beautiful newly constructed home perched on the north hills of Pittsburgh. The views of downtown and the point are magnificient!

100% of your donation goes to support projects that our VCAYA team will implement during July of 2023. Every member of our team volunteers their time, talents and secures their own travel expenses. We also receive support from the Grace Ann Geibel Foundation, part of the Social Justice Institute at Carlow University.  

Specifically, we are raising money to fund the following initiatives in Uganda: 

(1) tution for children to go to school
(2) drilling new wells that benefit the whole community, but particularly improve the lives of girls who no longer have to spend hours a day fetching water.

(3) building new latrines at the SMILE school with better sanitation & adaptive features for children   

with physical disabilities and vision impairments

(4) water collection system (gutters) & holding tank at SMILE

$150 pays for a year of tuition, room & board and supplies! $6,800 can provide a well and accessible clean water that is life changing with exponential impact. New latrines require $6,000 in labor and materials and the water collection system can be completed for $3,500. Our goal is to raise $20,000!

We all believe these young children can change the world if given the chance - we hope you can join us for an evening of fun.

DATE:     April 26, 2023

TIME:      7:00 - 9:00 PM

WHERE: 1818 University Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Let us know you are coming!