We will Begin our crawl at Ace Axe Throwing in Homestead at 6:00 pm 

IF you've joined us before, you know that these Times are approximate

           Ace Axe Throwing(6:00 - 7:00)

           Dorothy 6- h (about 7:00 - 8:00)

           EON - 8th Ave (about 8:00 - 9:00)

                 Forge- 7th ave (about 9:00 - 10:00)


This is a typical water source for people living in rural regions in Uganda. The water is contaminated and causes Typhoid, blindness, worms and other substances that can cause disabilities and death. 

We've drilled 11 wells in communities to reduce the disability population and improve self-sufficiency and better health. 

The education of girls is not typically valued more than the physical labor that they can provide. Contributing factors include (1) cultural norms that increase the likelihood of girls dropping out of school when they begin menstruation, (2) limitation in career opportunities tied to gender, (3) scarcity of resources, and (4) extreme poverty.

Our extensive experience over the past six years working in Ugandan schools and communities provides us with a unique perspective on their instructional practices and their cultural norms. After numerous meetings and conversations initiated by community leaders and school administrators who understand the challenges of promoting change, we developed an approach to address these challenges that aligns with current Ugandan teaching practices and the mission of Carlow University.

The effects of gender-based violence (GBV) result in devastating conditions for girls and women in rural regions in Uganda. GBV includes domestic violence in homes and schools as well as physical abuse and rape; but it also extends to child marriage, early pregnancy, and human trafficking. 

The Watotos Got Talent Program was partially funded by an award from Carlow University's President’s Excellence Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Fund: Experiential Learning and Research Grants

The 2024 event is funded by the Grace Ann Geibel Institute - part of the Social Justice Institutes of Carlow University 

This year's bar crawl will support a the drilling of  another clean water well for a village in Kumi & for the Watatos Got Talent! event.

We understand that engaging & educating the entire community is essential for sustainable long-term change. The arts are woven into the fabric of Ugandan people and the tapestry of Uganda culture. Our approach harnesses their passion for the arts with the intent to shift attitudes toward the value of education for girls. The 24-week educational program targets male and female students in all levels of primary and secondary education and begins these important conversations around gender in Primary 1 (age 5-6 years). This initiative focuses on students attending six schools (4 primary and 2 secondary) in the Bukedea District. Utilizing a GBV curriculum co-created by Carlow students, Carlow faculty & subject matter experts, teams of Ugandan facilitators are working within schools to explore age-appropriate themes, develop a stance, and create an arts-based performance that expresses a new way of thinking around gender equity addressing the value of girls and women. Facilitator teams are comprised of women from the community who are survivors of gender-based violence. They have been trained in the dramatic arts through the Bukedea Drama Club.

Can't make it to the bar crawl but still want to help? Please contact us or send a tax deductible donation: 

                      Mail to:         VCAYA, 3929 Laurel Oak Circle, Murrysville, PA 15668

                                             Make checks payable to: VCAYA  

What is a bar crawl?  A bar crawl is typically a huge group of participants visiting multiple bars in a single afternoon/evening for a good cause!  Participants make a donation to the cause and receive a t-shirt for the event.  Everyone wearing the t-shirt during the designated time at participating bars may receive food and drink specials.

History of the VCAYA Bar Crawl:

Our first bar crawl was held in June 2014 to raise funds to build an inclusive school in Opucet Village, Uganda.  On July 1, 2014 we broke ground for the school and the foundation was laid.  In May 2015 we had a second bar crawl to build the walls of the school. The 2015 Bar Crawl was a huge success too.  The beam and roof were next to be installed and we were learning a lot about building practices in Uganda.  

At this point, over 200 students were attending the Silver Memorial Inclusive Learning and Education Center (SMILE). Finally in May 2016 we hosted our 3rd bar crawl and with the help of the Penn Hills Rotary, we were able to complete the school by installing the roof! We're pretty sure that this is the only school in Uganda that was built by bar crawls. ​​

Last Call -   Bar Crawl in Homestead, Pittsburgh​   

June 7 6pm - 9pm

Improving the lives of vulnerable children