July 5, 2022

In this time of travel uncertainty, we are hoping for an uneventful travel experience. Passports, covid vaccination record, yellow fever card, and visas are required for entry into Uganda. Today we uploaded our documents and received approval for travel on Friday. Our team has started packing and re-packing and gathering everything that we might need - from medicines to tools to donations - there is a lot to think about. 

We are also excited to share our work at the Suds For Sanctuary - Redux event this Thursday. There is so much to share about the work that we completed in December and our plans for this trip. Thanks to Grist House Brewery for sponsoring this event and to Kip and Howard for providing the music.


 July 2022 TEAM

Meghan Canose                                    Dr. Deborah Mitchum

Kaitlin Cash                                           Dr. Susan O'Rourke

Jodi McVay                                            Dr. Kevin Spencer

Brittany Stone-Jenkins                           Dr. Aimee Zellers

Shannon White

Charlotte Wilson 

box of plastic orthotics

Improving the lives of vulnerable children

June 30, 2022

Preparations are almost complete for our July 2022 team visit. This year our focus is on healthcare - especially maternal health and the girl child. Yesterday our students met to organize donations of eye glasses, medicines, medical equipment and consumables, gowns (for rental business), and orthotics. We received so many donations that we need to store some items for the next time. We can check 2 bags for free but a 3rd bag would cost $200 so we need to limit our donations to one extra bag for each of us. 

We are hoping for smooth travel whcih may be a bit optimistic given current status of flight cancelations. However, we have an awesome team of 4 faculty and 6 students and a packed schedule that inlcudes:

1) maternal health conference,

2) community outreach for family planning & healthy deliveries to several rural villages,

3) drilling 2 wells (Prime Tower Primary and Ajessa village),

4) eyeglass distribution,

5) checks ups for children in 4 schools, assessments for orthotics and adaptive equipment

6) healthcare clinic and installation of solar panels for Oukot Pharmacy,

7) building desks, installing computers, and installation of floor in 3rd classroom at SMILE.

We'll try to update this blog along the way!                                                  Susan